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ECP - Exterior Cladding Panels

Signature Exterior Cladding Panels (ECP) is brought to you by Signature Laminates Pvt. Ltd. one of the leading manufacturers of High Pressure Laminates.

This Sturdy architectural panel is ideally suited for exterior cladding of ventilated facedes & balconies apart from a host of other exterior applications. The Signature ECP is a homogenous panel with a high UV surface protection for external use. It is weather resistant. Does not warp. No fading or aging.

The ECP is available in a very wide range of colours and designs in size 2440 x 1220 mm in 6.0 mm thickness. We can also offer higher thickness like 8.0mm, 10mm etc. The product conforms to EN 438 - Part 6.

Recommended applications of SIGNATURE EXTERIOR UV Resistant Cladding Panels.

  • Facade Cladding
  • Balcony paneling or cladding
  • External cladding of commercial or residential buildings.
  • Fences, Balcony Railing & Compound Wall Railing.
  • Entry Gates for Bungalows, Commercial Buildings, Factories, etc
  • Knock down shops, offices, cabins.
  • Outdoor Furniture.
  • External walls in prefabricated buildings.
  • External Cladding for Shopping malls, Multiplexes, Schools, Stadiums, Theatres, Auditoriums, etc.
  • Traffic Kiosks
  • Bus Shelters

Signature Exterior Cladding Panels are offered in a very wide range of Solids, Wood Effects. Abstracts, Crack wood, Stone effects, etc. The product offers abundant scope for Colour combinations adding aesthetics to the building. We can also offer a wide range of unique & exciting Texture Effects to give an appealing look to your exteriors.

Unique Advantages of SIGNATURE EXTERIOR UV Resistant Cladding Panels.

  • UV Resistant. No colour fading.
  • Weather, Water, Moisture, Heat & Fire Resistant.
  • Does not melt or drip in the event of fire.
  • High Impact Resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Wear & tear resistant
  • Good Dimensional Stability
  • Does not need edge banding.
  • Non-corrosive & Chemical Resistant.
  • Does not warp.
  • No asbestos or metal contents in the composition of material.
  • Easy to install & Easy to dismantle.
  • Strong, Self-supporting, Durable and Long lasting.
  • Does not need any maintenance.
  • 1 Double Hardened
  • 2 Improves Sound Insulation
  • 3 Impact Resistant
  • 4 Optimal Light-Fastness
  • 5 Chemical Resistant
  • 6 Easy To Clean
  • 7 Easy To Install
  • 8 Scratch Resistant
  • 9 Waterproof
  • 10 Free From Fire



Signature Exterior – Long Life

The life span of sturdy, weather & UV resistant Signature Exterior Cladding panel is expected to last more than 10 years under most severe climatic conditions. Does not deform. No fading or aging.

Storage & Handling of Cladding Panels.

  • The Cladding Panels are to be stored horizontally. Vertical storing for longer periods can deform the sheets as deformation can take place. We recommend flat stable thick boards to be placed at the top & bottom of the stack.
  • The storage area should have proper ventilation & should be free from water, dirt & moisture.
  • In order to avoid any surface damages, please ensure the surface of panel is free from any foreign particles.
  • While loading & unloading, never push or drag the panel as it may damage the design surface. The panels should always be lifted by hand.


The surface can be cleaned by wet mopping. Use a clean cloth & general purpose detergent diluted with mild warn water.

Oil, grease, paint etc. can be removed with xylene or with isopropyl alcohol. After using these chemicals, please clean the surface thoroughly with mild warm water.

Abrasive materials like steel wool, scouring pads, hard detergents or cleaning agents with solid abrasive contents should never be used to clean Cladding Panel surface.


Suggested Application Method for Exterior Cladding

Signature Exterior Cladding Panel is a user friendly &versatile material. It comes in a wide range of standard colours. These panels can give an everlasting new look to your building exteriors. It is tough & durable. It is fire resistant, does not melt, drip, deform or explode in the event of fire. It is not affected by rodents, termites or micro organisms.

Signature Exterior Cladding Panels can be cut to required sizes at site. Always use sharp saw blades made of hard metal. Worn out tools can cause chipping and poor cuts. Large saw blades give better results.

To avoid stress cracks, all cut outs must have rounded internal corners of minimum 8-10 mm.

The Signature Exterior can easily be installed using metal screws & extruded aluminum sections for concealed installation. Please ensure that there is a ventilated space of at least 25 mm between the panel & the wall to prevent tension in the panel, condensation and moisture. Openings or ventilation gaps are to be provided at the top & bottom of each panel to allow air circulation. These openings may be covered with a fine metal mesh.

Signature Exterior – For Facades.

Signature Exterior can be installed on different types of facades using screws in predrilled holes. The holes must allow some movement in the material & the structure to take care of any expansion or shrinkage of the material due to weather condition. A two step drill can be used – for larger holes in the panel than the frame work.

Signature Exterior – For Ventilated Facades.

While installing the Panels for facade application, please ensure that:

  • An air gap of at least 25 mm is provided behind installed sheet to prevent tension in the material and condensation & moisture permeating the main structure.
  • Opening or ventilation sections are provided at the top and bottom of the facade to permit air circulation. Make sure the air gap is not blocked next to windows, etc. There must be a ventilated space of at least 25 mm behind the panel.
  • We recommend that you cover the openings with a fine metal mesh.



Signature also offers 6.0 mm & other thicknesses in Interior Grade (non UV treated) Cladding Panels for a variety of applications like indoor paneling, partitions, furniture applications, etc. Some of the suggested applications are as under:

  • Bath & Toilet Cubicle.
  • Interior Walls cladding
  • School Furniture – Desks, Benches, Tables, Wall partitions, etc.
  • Partitions, Paneling & other Office Furniture
  • Work Station Furniture
  • Factory Furniture
  • Storage Racks & furniture
  • Laboratory Furniture.
  • Hotel & Restaurant: Bar Counter, Reception Lobby, paneling & Furniture, etc.
  • Kitchen Furniture
  • Hospital Furniture
  • Interior of Bus/Truck body
  • MRI/CTC scan beds
  • ATM Counters

Signature Cladding Panel can also be offered in a variety of unique & appealing Texture Finishes.


Product Warranty

Signature warrants the quality of its products within the scope of the values indicated in this brochure.

Signature is not liable for any defects in the working or processing of the substrate or installation as we cannot control the installation work.

Installation Contractor should follow the necessary building regulations.

The Contractors should ensure suitability of the material for the intended application.

In the event of any claim, the company's liability will be limited to the extent of the value of the panel.


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