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The photographs of the shades may vary slightly with the actual design. It is always recommended to refer to our sample folder to see the actual shade.

Shade No: 832 SF
Name: Ponderosa Wood Dark

Shade No: 833 SF
Name: Ponderosa Wood Brown

Shade No: 834 SF
Name: Weeping Wood Dark

Shade No: 835 SF
Name: Overcup Oak

Shade No: 836 SF
Name: Overcup Oak Dark

Shade No: 837 SF
Name: Pitch Wood

Shade No: 838 SF
Name: Pitch Wood Brown

Shade No: 839 SF
Name: American Linden

Shade No: 841 SF
Name: American Linden Dark

Shade No: 842 SF
Name: Pacific Dogwood Dark

Shade No: 843 SF
Name: Greenheart Wood

Shade No: 844 SF
Name: Greenheart Wood Dark

Shade No: 845 SF
Name: Honey Teak Burma

Shade No: 846 SF
Name: Louro Preto

Shade No: 849 SF
Name: Imbuia Brazil

Shade No: 850 SF
Name: Afromosia

Shade No: 851 SF
Name: Afromosia Brown

Shade No: 852 SF
Name: Afromosia Dark