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The photographs of the shades may vary slightly with the actual design. It is always recommended to refer to our sample folder to see the actual shade.

Shade No: 862 SF
Name: African Avodire

Shade No: 863 SF
Name: African Avodire Dark

Shade No: 870 SF
Name: Makore Veneer Grey

Shade No: 871 SF
Name: Makore Veneer Brown

Shade No: 872 SF
Name: Movingue Veneer Cherry

Shade No: 873 SF
Name: Marblewood

Shade No: 874 SF
Name: Peruvion Wood

Shade No: 878 SF
Name: Vancouver Maple

Shade No: 904 SF PG
Name: Golden Teak

Shade No: 905 SF PG
Name: Silver Ash

Shade No: 916 SF PG
Name: Cherry Holz

Shade No: 917 SF PG
Name: Golden Orah

Shade No: 926 SF PG
Name: Latin Walnut

Shade No: 928 SF PG
Name: Dessert Oak

Shade No: 929 SF PG
Name: Signature Dot

Shade No: 940 SF PG
Name: Sidmark Wenge

Shade No: 942 SF PG
Name: Stoneage Leather

Shade No: 943 SF PG
Name: Stonage Leather