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The photographs of the shades may vary slightly with the actual design. It is always recommended to refer to our sample folder to see the actual shade.

Shade No: 504 HG
Name: Sisso Wood Red

Shade No: 506 HG
Name: Sisso Wood Dark

Shade No: 776 VF
Name: Cheviot Fabric

Shade No: 777 VF
Name: Cheviot Fabric Grey

Shade No: 800 RV
Name: Berlinia Wood

Shade No: 801 RV
Name: Berlinia Wood Dark

Shade No: 805 S2
Name: Oregon Wood

Shade No: 875 S1
Name: Verawood

Shade No: 876 S1
Name: Verawood Brown

Shade No: 877 S1
Name: Vera Wood Dark

Shade No: 882 Ao
Name: Red Palm

Shade No: 883 AO
Name: Black Palm

Shade No: 884 NT
Name: Oriental Wood

Shade No: 885 RV
Name: Southern Red Oak

Shade No: 886 AO
Name: Butternut

Shade No: 887 AO
Name: Butternut Dark

Shade No: 888 RV
Name: London Plane

Shade No: 889 NT
Name: Tineo Wood