Texture Surface Finishes have become the craze of the day today. Texture effects have now been introduced in many other interior products like paints, wall tiles, glass etc.

We had forecast this trend long back & had launched Texture Finishes in the Signature Range almost 8 years back. Many Textures were launched. Many more were added. Due to its unique & natural look, all the Texture Finishes have been well accepted by the market.

While we have standardized some designs for different Texture Finishes, we can offer any Texture Finish in any design against specific orders.

We have tried to reproduce the image of our current Texture Finish Range. However, you will appreciate, there is a limitation. Please see an actual sample to get the right feel of the Finish.

We say … Feel the Textures with your eyes & see it with your fingers!

The photographs of the shades may vary slightly with the actual design. It is always recommended to refer to our sample folder to see the actual shade.

Blage Wood

Niove Timber

Vega Strip

Hand Scrapped

High Gloss

Fine Tella

Lustro Oak

Multi Channel

Chamols Leather

Silky Matt

Euro Veneer

Real Wood

Sawn Wood


Holly Wrod


Zebra Veneer

Royal Veener

Persian Stone

Hybrid Diamond

Kampass Wood

Criss Cross

Passion Dots

Aniline Leather

Star Dust

Calacutta Stone

Athens Stone

Linder Wood

Laurel Figure

yellow-triangel sky-triangel