Exterior Cladding Panel


Our mission is to express your individual taste for your interiors and exteriors with our brand signature. Among the leading laminate manufacturers in the industry our team produces some of the stunning colors, designs and sustainable laminates which the architects look forward to - every time, everywhere. Our team, our architect network, our independent application contractors, our stockist/dealers, our suppliers and our strong commitment, each one of them enlighten our brand – Signature

Signature believes in the Best

  • Best – Manufacturing Facility with due safety measures and ISO Certification
  • Best – Products with 500 new designs every year since 2004
  • Best – Team with highest employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction
  • Best – Laminate Brand recommended for Kitchen, Living room, Bed Room, Office and Exterior Panels

Innovation and Sustainability

  • Every laminate Signature produces conforms to the standards.
  • Signature design and quality has delivered stunning and enduring interior experiences.
  • External Cladding Panels – An innovative external application which is tamper proof, eco friendly etc.
  • Signature – Uses eco friendly raw materials appreciated by leading Architects for its Sustainability

Our Network

  • Signature has partnered with stockist and distributors from across India.
  • Our products are exported to Far East, Europe, Middle East , Africa, Malaysia etc.

Our Manufacturing Facility

  • State of art technology & most modern plant located at Kanera Village, Near Bareja, Kheda District, Gujarat.
  • Design papers used are sourced from leading Japanese & European printers.
  • German & Italian manufactured stainless steel press plates are used for striking and aesthetic appeal.




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